Family Fun Sessions

Our  family fun sessions for newly arrived asylum seeking families with children are now up and running and are held in Christchurch Hall every Thursday 2-4pm.

The sessions are aimed at all families who are newly arrived in Birmingham. The sessions aim to welcome families to Birmingham, offer a safe space to discuss their needs, practical support and signposting and fun and games for children.

Below is a description of our activities:-

The majority of our visitors are temporary housed in a local “Initial Accommodation” hostel. The length of stay can be between six and twelve weeks.  Children are unable to access education so our regular weekly session offers some respite to families living in a cramped hostel.

We organise a programme of play, sports and arts activities for children. We have a small team of volunteers and two paid workers to supervise activities. 

Please note we are not collecting clothes. We are happy to receive donations of toiletries and unbroken and safe toys.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to know further about the Family Fun Sessions or would like to volunteer, please contact Steph